I had no hesitation when asked to write a testimonial for Karen Coutts. Throughout my association with Karen I have benefitted beyond measure from her insightful; wise; gentle probing of my spiritual well-being. She has guided me through many troubled waters. Her inner calmness is one of her great gifts one of the many reasons I always return.

Because of my complete trust in Karen I have recommended many friends who have without exception became loyal followers.


I have had many readings from Karen and each one have been so good. Not only has Karen got a great psychic ability, but she is also an amazing spiritual counsellor, giving support and guidance that has helped me so much


I have been visiting Karen for several years now and I can honestly say she has made a huge difference to my life which has seen some quite turbulent, worrying and dark periods – especially in my career.

Karen has been able to guide me, not only spiritually but also through coaching and guidance which I find invaluable and comforting. I will continue to see Karen on a regular basis.

Karen is an extremely professional reader, mentor and coach – she has turned my life around and I am eternally grateful – Thank you Karen.


Karen is amazing. She’s an incredibly gentle, sensitive yet determined and focussed source of guidance for me, and has been for many years now. There’s no drama or ego in her readings; I find she gets situations spot on and her careful, intuitive guidance have proven to be accurate and invaluable to me. I have recommended her to so many people who also feel the same.


I am so grateful for Karen’s contribution to my life We often come to crossroads or difficult times Sometimes we choose to ask for help Karen’s gift is to see how she on behalf of the universe can guide you to make choices, see possibilities, reassure you the universe has your back Grateful to Karen

Rezwana Patterson

When I was going through a particularly difficult phase, I went to see Karen. I had lost my husband a few months before and I had the need to find out how he was doing – if he was somewhere at all. As it was the first time I had met Karen, and despite her being highly recommended, I let her guide the session. From the very beginning, her compassion and sensitive sense of humour – when appropriate – made me feel supported and safe. On a psychological level at least, I knew I was in the right place, with a person who genuinely cares for others and believes in what they are doing.

At the same time, soon into the session, Karen found my husband to be strongly present and spoke of him as if she knew him, describing his character as if she had met him while he was in this life. He was an exceptionally kind man, and the love we had between us was truly unique.

Karen saw all of this by herself and said things about him that only someone who knew him, and us, very well could have sensed, if at all. But also, she told me about his experience in the so called spirit world, and specifics about how he was after he passed over, which totally reflect who he was/is. Although I wasn’t surprised, I was also amazed that such specific information was given to me. At the same time, some of the information was new to me, and not just the things I knew about him, which made it all the more impressive.

However, what really mattered and still matters, is that he is okay where he is; it’s his well being that concerns me the most. Karen reassured me about this with the right evidence that gave me peace of mind and joy, for the first time in a very long time. And even if there had been areas of concern, I subsequently found that Karen works in ways that can change things for the better, both on a psychological and a spiritual level. I have occasionally been visiting Karen since, and each time is different; there is always a next step forward, a new element of growth that helps me on a personal level but also in relation to my lovely husband. I feel truly happy about this newly found experience, and that I can explore the issues I need to, in such a safe and supportive environment. Thank you Karen!


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